Questions To Ask Before Adopting A Child

6 June 2017
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Each year, thousands of families make the decision to grow through adoption. Once you make the decision to bring a child into your home, you have several other decisions that need to be made. To help get you started with the adoption process, here are some of the questions you need to answer.  

Should You Use a Private or Public Agency? 

Although you have the option of trying to adopt a child without any professional help, it is best to use an agency. There are private and public adoption agencies that are committed to placing children in loving families. You have to decide which type of agency is right for your family. 

There are a few differences between private and public agencies that you should consider. One of the main differences is the time it takes to adopt. Public agencies can sometimes take longer to place a child due to various regulations that need to be followed. Although a private agency has to follow state regulations, the process is simpler.  

Another difference is that private agencies can be more expensive than a public agency. However, it should be noted that tax credits for adopting can make the adoption more affordable.  

If your family has special circumstances, going through a private agency might be more comfortable for everyone. For instance, if you and your spouse are a same sex couple, working with a private agency that has experience in helping LGBTQ families can sometimes help with overcoming some hurdles that can come up.  

What Are the Eligibility Requirements? 

Regardless of whether you and your family choose a private or public adoption agency, there are eligibility requirements that need to be met. The requirements can vary by agency, so you need to check with the agency you are considering using.  

The agencies have their own requirements, but there are also state requirements that must be met. If you are planning to adopt a child internationally, you will have to follow the rules and regulations of the country from which you are adopting.  

The rules dictate everything from the age, marital situation, income, and background of the hopeful adoptive parents. If you do not meet the requirements of one agency, there is a possibility that another agency would accept you as a client.  

To get the process started, contact an adoption agency that you are considering and schedule a consultation. You can learn more about the requirements of the agency and receive guidance on what you need to do to move forward with adopting a child.

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